During morning meditation, focusing on the breath, listening to the sounds around me, ever so grateful dear God seeking the divinity that resides in me, I wonder about the source of the noise in my life.  Greg’s fever of unknown origin returns after 12 years.  I am called back for a mammogram that reveals 5 small calcifications and a biopsy on Friday.  What insights do these treasures offer?

I decide to do tonglen for my sister because there has been a chill between us lately.  As I breathe her life into mine, I am overwhelmed with suffering.  Her life becomes my own and the stress and sadness become one with my stress and sadness.  Tears stream down my cheeks and, with elbows on knees, I sob.  Whether I need a good cry or she suffers to the max, I trust healing occurred.  Powerful, overwhelming and beautiful I must continue this gift called tonglen.

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