Sarah Austen, only child of Greg and Sally, graduates on May 12, 2017 from her dad’s alma mater, Virginia Tech. She relunctantly but good-sportedly returns home until she can find a job that will fund her ability to live with friends. In the Fan, of course.

On May 26 her grandfather, William Frank Holzgrefe, at the age of 101 and 56 days, fades at home and is taken to Retreat Hospital, where all his children were born and his and my mother’s go-to hospital for care late in their lives. It sits two blocks from our home which makes it easy for us to say hello a couple times a day, bring Ann (his constant care-taker and second-eldest daughter) dinner or a treat.

Life continues to speed by with steel creations, bike rides, weddings of friends’ children, fabulous novels, flourishing gardens, porch parties, and a pending surprise birthday party.

The latest challenge, something I tend to give strangers and less-so to friends and family: every action targets my life goal of bringing peace and joy. Nothing else matters. I do not need to win. Exude love love love. Dear God, remind me every minute 🙂